Welcome to the Future…it sucks.

The world has ended. The cause isn’t a secret—aliens attacked us, all out. Apparently, there was some kind of world-spanning conspiracy to combat them, “XCOM” or somesuch, but whatever it was didn’t succeed in stopping them from destroying Earth. Large swaths of the planet are irradiated wastelands…other places are more or less untouched, but the populations was decimated through the targeting of cities, advanced biological warfare, and the collapse of society.

To make matters worse, the aliens came in ships that crashed across the landscape. Now, small bands of hyper advanced Sectoids live alongside human settlements, doing God-knows-what to the people. Far worse, roving hordes of “snakemen” cause untold damage to the environment, breeding out of control and overwhelming all resistance. There are rumors of worse creatures as well, dwelling in the depths of the oceans or underground.

This is a time for survival.

About this campaign

This is a survival-horror sci-fi post-apocalyptic sandbox game. It uses GURPS 4th Edition because GURPS is “realistic” enough for a dark and gritty setting and because you can stat up basically anything. And this campaign can include almost anything.

PCs are 150 points with up to -45 points in Disads and another -5 points in quirks. All new PCs will be made according to these criteria. PCs that live may reach whatever point total they are capable of, but new PCs will always default back to the beginning.

Officially, the world is also part of the Infinite Worlds setting for GURPS. The PCs have discovered evidence of this and it is no longer a secret, though any further details are still strictly GM Only.

The setting is a homebrew mashup of Fallout and the XCOM games. This campaign was started before XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its expansion were released, but presciently included many of the themes in both of the newer games. Going forward, the campaign will include even more of the ideas brought forward in the two newer games, though certain aspects of the original X-com: UFO Defense will be retained (like snakemen). There are no real specific aspects of the Fallout universe, but many of the concepts and themes remain: technology spanning TL0-TL11^ can be found in this setting.

The XCOM Apocalpyse

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