The XCOM Apocalpyse

Season 1 Synopsis
Roughly 15 sessions worth of play

Unfortunately, the original “Season” of this campaign took place long before we all had shiny tablets with keyboards to take notes on. So, what follows is a rather generic campaign log. I hope to add more detail to this as time allows, but it will suffice for now.

Late May 2027

Current Date: May 28, 2027

The PCs completed the liberation of Dead Bluff from McCarthy’s gang, delivered the trade correspondence from New Redding, and hunted down and killed the remainder of the gang. They received 5 points and a +2 Reputation (almost everyone, 9 or less) 3 for helping save the town from the evil gang.

Current Date: June 3, 2027

The PCs arrive at Box Canyon Dam to investigate the power fluctuations and missing townsfolk. They completed the task and killed a bunch of snakemen and a chryssalid without dying.

Current Date: June 16, 2027

The PCs rested and recuperated in New Redding and are now heading south. On day 2 of this trek to Yuba Yuba, they encounter a group of 8 slavers bearing the mark of a slaving guild based out of New Reno…the PCs have set up an ambush, and this will be resolved next session.

Current Date: June 18, 2027

The PCs ambushed the eight slavers, killing all of them. They then rescued the woman, who told them about the other group of slaves. They headed to the larger camp, ambushed Pedro and cut his hand open (Guy), and then took out the entire camp in a frenzy of death, mostly with headshots. After looting the corpses, freeing 30 slaves, and gathering horses to carry their stuff, they head back south…

Current Date: July 2, 2027

The PCs made it to Yuba Yuba and set up an ambush for the mysterious kidnappers. When the kidnappers finally came after a full week of waiting and preparing, they turned the tables on the would-be ambushers! Fortunately, the PCs prevailed and were able to kill or mortally wound 3 of the strange humans. Charles Townes was grievously wounded and will require about a week to recover…

Current Date: July 20, 2027

The PCs have made contact with the Knights of Elerium after their Yuba Yuba Shootout. The Knights invited them to a meeting outside San Francisco, at a site nearly 100 miles away from Yuba Yuba. They encountered some snakemen on the way, but killed them and made the meeting. They have accepted a mission to search for a missing Knight in New Reno…

Current Date: July 28, 2027

The PCs have arrived in New Reno after a somewhat eventful 7 day journey from San Francisco. After accepting the job from Fitzsimmons, the PCs encountered a lost bunker, a number of abandoned camouflaged tents, and the Republic of Dave before reaching New Reno. They have staked out a spot in the “merchant’s camp” and are trying to determine the best way to continue.

Current Date: July 30, 2027

The PCs have done some scouting in New Reno and learned quite a bit about the power structure. Most significantly, they overheard a strange conversation in a hotel that seemed to imply that Sir Chester was not captive.

Current Date: August 4, 2027

The PCs located Sir Chester with the help of 3 mysterious men who turned out to be Agents for something called the Terran Empire. Together, they used Chester’s comm equipment to locate a beacon that probably has given them coordinates for an X-com Bunker. However, just as the beacon was activated, two tactical vertols appeared over the horizon and angled towards the PCs, with the three men announcing “The Terran Empire has arrived.” On August 6th, at night, the PCs arrive at the site of the bunker. +2 Character Points.

Current Date: August 7, 2027

This entry comprises several weeks of sessions but only about 2-4 days of in game time. The PCs had earlier come to an uneasy understanding with the Empire but were convinced they would be betrayed. Thus, they hatched a Cunning Plan to ambush the Imperial Agents and soldiers in the Command Center before the bunker was fully filled with breathable air. This plan went off very well, thanks to a Knight and the effective use of Tangler grenades. Guy and the Tech Ninja had their long-awaited duel, which did not end well for the Ninja, who ultimately had 4 bleeding sword wounds, which Guy very nicely bandage sprayed for him. Quite a few Terran Empire soldiers outright died in the brief gunfight, but no PC was seriously injured (if at all).

Shortly after this victory, Art noticed incoming UFOs on the bunker’s sensors! The PCs decided to make nice with the Empire and brokered another truce with the Agents. They were about to let the remaining Imperial troops into the base (along with the Paladin and other Knights) when the main doors stopped responding to Art’s commands! Plasma fire was seen on security footage targeting and slagging the automated defense turrets in the hallways. This occurred just as Charles, the Knight, and Carey were headed to Level 1 to radio out to the Empire and Knights. Unfortunately, the Knight was hit by multiple plasma rounds and was killed. Charles and Carey dragged his body into the Lift and headed back down to Level Two.

The PCs, now unable to open the main doors, mounted a counterattack and flushed the Sectoid Infiltrators out of the main door area by using thermobaric grenades and the bunker’s fire suppression system to spot their stealthy enemies. Most PCs suited up in X-com issue Combat Armor, but Charles opted for a prototype powered battlesuit and hefted along a 15mmETC chaingun for good measure. Everyone but Art went up to take back the main door controls, and the ensuing fight was brutal, but ultimately one-sided. (Humorously, Charles accidentally shot Guy in the back with 2 15mm cannon rounds, and only through the expenditure of both Ryan and Peter’s Story Points did he survive the mishap.)

Having killed 3 of the 4 suspected Infiltrators, the PCs opened up the main doors and admitted the Empire and remaining Knights. Everyone suspected the last Infiltrator had gone up to the hangar to give the incoming UFOs easy entry. They proved correct…

In the final session, the PCs prepared to battle for the future of Bunker Epsilon. Art stayed in the Command Center and used the base’s Automated Weapons Platforms (AWPs) and built-in defense systems (plus the fire suppression system again) to help defend the base. Before the UFOs arrived, Carey and Seamus did their best to bring as many grenades to as many combatants as they could. With approximately 37 effectives on each side, including cyberdiscs and AWPs, it promised to be an epic battle. Up in the hangar, Charles noticed two explosive packages mounted on the rock walls to either side of the massive hangar bay doors. He shot one with his 15mm cannon, but inexplicably, Guy chose to run at the other package and hack it off with his sword. He succeeded in disrupting the explosion, but was hurled 15 feet back and seriously injured in the process. Despite his wounds, he managed to remain conscious for the entire ensuing battle!

After the explosives failed to penetrate the outer wall, the lone remaining Sectoid Infiltrator fired a well-aimed burst from his plasma SMG at the weakest spot, finally breaking through and revealing the target to the UFOs. The UFOs launched 2 blaster bombs at the entrance and blow open a large hole, through which all 3 promptly poured plasma cannon fire. The PCs simply cowered during this bombardment, but made ready to unleash hell when the UFOs got close and began unloading Sectoids into the base. Each side exchanged a volley of grenades, which went in the PCs favor rather dramatically. Three Enforcers also entered the base at this time via the hangar and proved tough, but ultimately no match for the AWP and Charles, both firing 15mmETC APHEX rounds which devastated even the exceedingly tough Enforcers. The Sectoids fell easily, and at one point, Carey managed to aim at two in the same second and kill both with explosive rounds from pistols to the torso! It was all quite awesome. Sadly, before the last Enforcer was killed, he scored a critical hit with 3 shots from his heavy plasma rifle on Paladin Griffith and mortally wounded him.

Meanwhile, the sectoids used two more blaster bombs to gain entry via the now shattered main doors. A cyberdisc flew inside and nearly took Seamus’s head off, but not before Seamus detonated a thermobaric grenade directly underneath it. This distracted it and caused minor damage, but it was sufficient to allow Art to command an AWP to launch a 64mm shaped charge missile at the cyberdisc, completely destroying it in a single shot. There was silence for a time, and then Seamus was suddenly rocked by a detonating thermobaric grenade INSIDE the lift! Apparently, one of the Imperial was weak-minded and “convinced” to activate a grenade in the middle of his buddies. This was rather disgusting, but Seamus took relatively minor damage. Seamus then helped to fight off a number of Sectoid soldiers who entered the base, obliterating at least one with a well-aimed burst from his PDW. Then a SECOND cyberdisc flew into the base and charged Seamus, fortunately missing while it shot on the move. Seamus dove into the lift and grabbed the ladder, and the cyberdisc contented itself by blasting Imperial troops in and around the lift. Unfortunately, the two AWPs that had been placed on the first level were both inoperative by this time, so Seamus ran down to load up one of the remaining 2 AWPs (the fifth one being in the hangar). Seamus succeeded in arming the last one with a couple of 64mm missiles just in time for the final cyberdisc to come after him. Dodging the backblast of the firing missile, Seamus was relieved when the last cyberdisc ate a shaped charge, clattered to the floor and self-destructed! Up a level, Ronan Lex and a remaining handful of Imperial troops fought off the last of the Sectoids. Finally, the UFOs all retreated and the PCs, Knights, and Empire remain in control of the bunker.

As the damage is being surveyed, Art notices YET ANOTHER set of radar contacts and surmises that the Empire is finally sending reinforcements…


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